Football JumPeak213

Football (soccer) equipment designed to improve football training that is useful on the pitch. It can also be used as an accessory for other sports. It consists of an aluminium frame and waterproof timber and is easily assembled, dismantled and portable.

  • Improve how you execute your technical football skills
  • Strengthen specific muscle groups and do prevention exercises
  • It allows a circuit training approach to combined football technique training and the development of motor skills
  • useful for beginners, junior and professional football players
  • High-quality product

Video presentation


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Soccer / football exercises

Exercises with the Football JumPeak213 device

Sets of exercises for more effective use of the equipment and tips for safe use.

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Football soccer video/photo

Video and photo gallery

Images and video clips from various training sessions with Branko Zupan.


Soccer jumpeak 213 characteristics

Technical characteristics

Dimensions, safe use, production and safety in use. The use of other training tools.


Soccer jumpeak 213

Orders and Contact Information

Football JumPeak213 is the outcome of many years of experience by the football expert and coach Branko Zupan.