Football JumPeak213 - sets of exercises to practice

This sports training device offers more than 50 exercises for footballers and other athletes. With practice you can improve your muscle strength, general fitness, coordination and motor skills. Correct use of the sports equipment will also reduce the risk of injury in sports.


Footballers can practice individually!

In a 5-minute workout 3 times a week you can practice:

  • 150 headers
  • 120 volleys
  • 240 ball passes
  • 120 ball receptions

In 10 months this amounts to:

  • 6000 headers
  • 4800 volleys
  • 4800 ball receptions

In addition, footballers can practice and improve their basic motor skills. Football JumPeak213 can be used by two, three and even four players simultaneously – in a circular form of exercise.

Information and technical data

We invite you to learn about the technical characteristics of the Football JumPeak213 sports training device and find out more about the weight, dimensions and the correct use of the product.

Football JumPeak213 is the outcome of many years of practice and research by the professional football coach Branko Zupan, a graduate of the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For more information and orders, please contact us.



Football exercises - head shots

The first set of exercises:
Practicing headers using the sports training device.

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Voley kicks with Football Jumpeak 213

The second set of exercises:
Volley training

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Receiving the ball

Football equipment use - ball reception

The third set of exercises: Using the board for receiving low and semi-high balls.

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Goalkeeper training

Football (soccer) training for goalkeepers


The fourth set of exercises:
Ball on a rope or elastic cord for training, i.e. goalkeeper practice.

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Coordination and strength

Football soccer strength coordination

The fifth set of exercises:
Coordination of the legs, explosive leg power and general strength.

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Circuit training

Football training track

The sixth set of exercises:
Training or floor exercises using the Football JumPeak213

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Winning podium


Using the Football JumPeak213 as a winning podium

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contacts and info

Manufacturer's details


Ul. II. prekomorske brigade 39 C 6

6000 Koper, SLOVENIA (EU)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: + 386 40 806 864,

Barbara Rudolf Šparavalo, Programme coordinator

INVENTOR - Football JumPeak213: Branko Zupan


"An ACE in the feet" Project

Football JumPeak213 is part of the project:

"ACE in the feet"


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