First set of exercises

Hitting the ball with your head

The ball height is adjusted on a telescopic pole so you can choose the optimal level. The correct way to strike the ball with your head: bend backwards before the ball hits your head. Hit the ball with the middle of the front part of your head, using suitable strength. This maintains an adequate fluctuation and speed of the ball.


Options for hitting the ball with the head:

Football exercises - head shots Football exercises - head shots
sitting kneeling

The ball is hit mid-jump, pushing off the ground with one leg or two legs. You can kick the ball while moving in circles or while standing side on with your hip turned towards the ball.

Football exercises - head shots Football exercises - head shots
standing up astride in a jump

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Barbara Rudolf Šparavalo, Programme coordinator

INVENTOR - Football JumPeak213: Branko Zupan


"An ACE in the feet" Project

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"ACE in the feet"


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