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Jumpeak 213 football / sports equipment




The Football JumPeak213 is made up of five parts (Fig. 1):

  • three blocks of various sizes that can be assembled in many useful ways and can also be fitted one inside the other (Fig. 2);
  • a rebound board with a frame (Fig. 3), the angle of which is adjustable; and
  • height-adjustable telescopic pole with a bow arm to clamp the ball (Fig. 4).


jumpeak-render-01 jumpeak-render-02 jumpeak-render-03 jumpeak-render-04
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4


The device is made using high-quality materials. The frame is made of aluminium; the wood is waterproof and has an anti-slip surface (Fig. 5). As part of the Football JumPeak213 assembly system, the ball on the rope and the ball on the elastic cord are also used (Fig. 16), as well as a mat to facilitate specific exercises for improving motor skills. A special trolley (Fig. 15) to assist you when moving the Football JumPeak213 around can be ordered separately.


jumpeak-render-05 jumpeak-render-06 jumpeak-render-07 jumpeak-render-08
Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8

Dimensions and weight

The Compound Blocks that make up the Football Jumpeak 213 are all 175 cm long (Fig. 7), and together with the rebound board (Fig. 6) have a max. width of 75 cm. The largest block is 55 cm high, the medium one is 35 cm high and the smallest one is 25 cm high. The telescopic pole expands from a min. height of 188 cm to a max. height of 310 cm. The hanging ball is placed on a rope of an adjusted height of approximately 130 cm, while the ball hanging on the elastic cord is at a length of 3 m (300 cm). In total, all five parts of the device weigh 42 kg. The stacked blocks and the rebound board weigh 35 kg.


jumpeak-render-09 jumpeak-render-10 jumpeak-render-11 jumpeak-render-12
Fig. 9 Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 12


Assembling a Football Jumpeak 213: a presentation of all five parts (Fig. 1):

1. First, we assemble the blocks, then insert the frame of the rebound board and adjust its slope. (Fig. 8)

2. The telescopic pole is then inserted into the telescopic pole holder. (Fig. 9) The height of the telescopic pole is adjustable; a ball is clamped or tied onto the cantilever arch (Fig. 10). The telescopic pole has a height adjustment screw (Fig. 11) for the console arch on to which the ball is clamped. Do not completely unscrew the screw when adjusting the pole.

3. The angle of the rebound board can be set to five different positions (Fig. 12).

4. Underneath the blocks there are legs whose height can be adjusted (Fig. 13).


jumpeak-render-13 jumpeak-render-14 jumpeak-render-15 jumpeak-render-16
Fig. 13 Fig. 14 Fig. 15 Fig. 16


Safety precautions

1. Before assembling and using the product, please read the User Guide and see the DVD with instructions for assembly and training!

2. Before installing the telescopic pole with the console arch in the frame, the device needs to be fully assembled – all three blocks must be connected and the side rebound board must be inserted!

3. Do not hang off the cantilever arch of the telescopic pole! (Fig. 14)

4. Do not pull or hang on the ball when it is embedded in the cantilever arch.

5. The Football Jumpeak213 should not be used with football boots with long aluminium studs.

6. We do not recommend climbing on the blocks when the surface is wet, despite the anti-slip top layer.

7. When moving the telescopic pole, the screw that regulates the height must not be unscrewed to the end (Fig. 11 and Fig. 13).

8. When assembling and dismantling the modules to fit one inside the other, fold the moving legs inwards to avoid them getting stuck in the frame.

9. Due to its wooden surfaces, the Football JumPeak213 should not be stored in damp or humid places. Do not place the module on a wet surface with the wooden side down. The three podium boards are not intended to be loaded with other items, but are to be used solely for sporting activities.



The Football JumPeak213 is portable if the components are stacked one inside the other. It can be carried by two adults. One adult can carry its separate components individually or together by using a special trolley – which can be ordered separately. (Fig. 15)

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INVENTOR - Football JumPeak213: Branko Zupan


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